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Total Systems and Communications offers a full range of in-skin and external voicemail systems for every application. Voice Mail and Unified Messaging products with built in applications such as Automated Attendant offer real integrated solutions to meet today’s communications needs. From in-skin systems for the small growing business to a fully network-able external voice mail servers, these voice messaging products deliver advanced office integration for the way you really work with features such as:

Total Systems VoIP Voicemail Business Solutions

Automate Call Handling (Auto Attendant)

A full featured Voice Mail Auto Attendant system can eliminate or minimize the need for an operator or receptionist by answering incoming calls, playing appropriate greetings (based on time of day) and provide callers with a wide variety of dialing options (i.e., press 1 for Sales, press 2 for Service).

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Message Center Key

To ensure that important messages are delivered and responded to quickly and efficiently, a group of co-workers can share voice message responsibilities. Messages can be left in a designated mailbox. Each group member will have an assigned key associated with that mailbox which will flash when a new message has been received.

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Directory Dialing

Ease callers through the call routing process with multiple company and personal greetings via state of the art directory dialing with the capability to reach an employee’s extension by entering their name instead of extension number.

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Conversation Record

For detail accuracy while on an important call, conveniently record the conversation into any mailbox for later review. You can also send your recorded conversation to a co-worker.

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Message Notification

Eliminate the need to call the office to check for new messages. The voicemail system can automatically call a designated telephone number (such as a cell phone) to let the user know when new messages arrive. This feature can also be used to enhance a Service/Dispatch Center.

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Live Call Screening

Listen to or screen voice mail messages as they are being left in your mailbox. Choose the option to let the call go through to the mailbox or take that important call.

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Fax Detection

The Automated Attendant can automatically detect incoming fax calls and transfer them to a fax machine, maximizing the use of your telephone lines.

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Email Integration

Receive email notification of a new voice mail message to your inbox or Email device. In addition, the sent notification can optionally include the recorded message as a WAV file attachment. With this option, if you have the ability to access your Email, you can also have the ability to listen to your voice mail messages without having to call your office.

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