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An operator or receptionist can use PC Attendant to easily access the most common functions required by their position. Users work more efficiently by managing their call handling tasks without having to switch their attention between the telephone and PC. Additional features, such as a company directory, recording capability, and PC-to-PC messaging, provide additional value to the attendant position.

With the UX PC Attendant, attendants get the convenience and power of advanced call handling capability right from their PC. Display visuals let them know if an extension is in use, idle, call forwarded, or set for do not disturb. In addition, conversations can be recorded, saved, and forwarded as an Email attachment.

   Easily access all telephony features needed by the attendant including:
Transfer, Conference, Call Pickup, Park, Page, Barge In, and Night mode setting.
Monitor extension status to see who is Busy on a call, forwarded, or unavailable.
Quickly transfer calls to someone by simply clicking on an extension button.
Send Quick Messages directly to a telephone display or a PC screen to notify someone of a call or action required.
See all ringing calls on the attendant’s phone and easily move between them.
Add a Personal Greeting that automatically gets played to every new caller.
Place notes in the directory which can show when someone is on vacation or traveling.
Additional advanced productivity features include Call log, Call Recording, Personal Greeting, and Outlook Add-In.

The UX PC Attendant is perfect for office environments where a main business number is answered by a receptionist, who then normally transfers the call to a co-worker. The UX PC Attendant is also a great match for high call volume environments where an attendant needs to locate co-workers quickly, the first time, and then transfer their calls.

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