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Total Systems and Communications, LLCIs Cell Phone Reception A Problem
For Your Business?

Cellular telephone service has been and continues to be a problem in both urban and rural areas. Although cellular providers continue to “build out” their infrastructure and for the most part general cell phone coverage and reception have improved, it’s only improved while using cell phones outdoors. Due to location, obstructions, building materials, or a combination of these factors, many businesses experience poor to non-existent cell phone reception while inside their premises. Now that companies rely heavily on cell phones to communicate with their customers and suppliers, having no cell phone ability while inside the business is not only frustrating but costly. The solution to the problem is a Cellular Repeater System.

The Cellular Repeater System consists of a roof mounted cellular antenna, signal amplification equipment, and one or more transceiver domes mounted in or above the ceiling of the area where better cell reception is desired. The number of domes as well as other specifications for the system is determined by system engineers to meet a customer’s specific requirements. Among the many factors considered are: the construction of the building; the cell phone provider(s) used; whether just voice or both voice and data are to be improved; and the existing cellular signal strength both inside and outside of the premises.

The properly engineered and installed Cellular Repeater System will provide remarkable results. Cell phone coverage, call quality and reliability are in most cases improved to the extent that virtually all problems are eliminated. Since the Cellular Repeater System solution is readily available at a reasonable cost, businesses no longer have to lose an important communications tool - the cell phone - while in their place of business.

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